Art: Banff, Alberta – Black and white acrylic on canvas painting

Banff, Alberta

By: I. V. Greco, Black and white acrylic on canvas


The Cross We Bear – it’s moving!

Since my last post on August 8th, announcing the release of my first novel, The Cross We Bear, I am so pleased to see readers are picking up a copy or reading it through e-books. The satisfaction is two fold. First of all, the very idea that people are actually interested in my fictitious musings is a real trip for me; and second of all, but more importantly, a portion of the proceeds will go to cancer research.

The story is about a woman and how the decisions she made throughout her life, have impacted her and all those around her. As she tries to sort out how she can come to terms with her past and set things right, she suffers great mental anguish and fears she my lose her son in the process.

On a personal level for me, I am grateful to have been able to complete the novel and see it come to fruition. I thank you for your support.

The Cross We Bear by I.V. Greco can be found on Amazon.

Cover design and art: I. V. Greco