The Light – Poem

When is the next Full Moon and are there any more in 2021? | Metro News

The moon tonight, so full and bright

It tugs at my thoughts, so sad and contrite

You, muse of many throughout the ages

Speak to me now, as my sorrow rages

Where is the hope, that lifts the spirit?

Night by night, recedes your light

’til no longer in my sight

Oh, the darkness! Spare me

Come, Light, and save my soul!


Colours in Full Glory – Poem

Winter Cardinal – Acrylic on canvas By: I. V. Greco

Colours in Full Glory

The temperature falls as do the autumn leaves in all their colourful glory

Another summer has come to an end and I feel so melancholy

Summer is the best part of the year, at least it is for me

But seasons change, the world keeps turning, turning, as time marches on relentlessly

What if I could have frozen time when I was most vital and young,

And had before me the best years still yet to come?

–But then I would have frozen time too soon–

One day, I awoke, and I realized it had passed, gone by

In the present, now I live, because on the future, I cannot rely

It is as they say, the autumn of my life, so like the season, I’ll embrace the colours in their full glory

Savour what I can before the cold, the bitter cold, takes a strangle hold on me.

By: I. V. Greco

Art and Poetry – Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada – Arriving


I arrived a tired weary traveller

On a wind-swept rock in a distant corner

Jutting out over the shore of the sea

As the raging waves mesmerized me

The great expanse took my breath away

And in its place came a blast of spray

I least expected to find this awakening

The mayhem gone, my body left shaking

I lunged, I soared, then fell – I arrived

But the being I was had not survived

I was transformed and fused with Creation

A powerful, liberating, overwhelming sensation

I am the sky, the land, and the sea

And roam no longer now that I’m free

By: I. V. Greco

Some Poems

Write down two lines

That sound profound

But does that a poem make?

I read your jots

My mind’s in knots

What are you trying to say?

Words, they are free

So use them liberally

Don’t let your thoughts be fake.

Be they glad or sad

Be they good or bad

But don’t leave them muddled that way.

By: I. V. Greco